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A light purple color fading into a photo of Candice Kusterle's face.

Candice Kusterle 

Inspiring Essential Wellness

Welcome to TeethCOS

My name is Candice Kusterle, and I am a Registered Dental Hygienist in Colorado Springs. My independent business, TeethCOS, offers a variety of services, including Dental Hygiene, Buteyko Breathing, and Orofacial Myofunctional Therapeutic Exercises. I hope to inspire essential
wellness in all of my clients! 

The Services I Offer Include:

Some FAQs:

1.) Can a Dental Hygienist work Independently?

YES, Colorado State Practice Act allows a registered dental hygienist to own and operate in a setting outside “the traditional“ dental office.

2.) Do you take Insurance?

I am a fee for service provider. This allows me to keep costs down while offering you optimal care without third party involvement.


However, should you choose to independently submit a claim to your insurance provider, I am able to offer you instructions or the necessary forms needed to submit the claim. For more information on that process, you can visit


It is important to note that:

- There are no standard regulations as to how insurance companies determine levels of reimbursement.

- Insurance companies are not obligated to disclose how they determine these rates.

- Level of reimbursement, if any, will be determined by your insurance provider and plan. Annual minimums and maximums, treatment exclusions, pre-existing conditions, providers, and deductibles can all contribute to their reimbursement decision.


You do not need to let dental insurance be your guide. Insurance companies rarely have the patient’s well being in mind. Being third party financial institutions, insurance companies are involved to make money off of both the patients and the providers.


I am a dental professional that cares about each of my patients. I schedule the amount of time necessary to fully care for each of my patients. I see only one patient at a time to ensure optimal care and treatment for each individual.

3.) Why use Lasers and Ultrasonics?


-Lasers help eliminate the bacteria that may be introduced into the blood stream.

-Lasers help prevent cross contamination of infection.

-Lasers increase blood circulation.

-Laser helps with aphthous ulcers & herpetic lesions.


-Improved outcome with this treatment.

-Ultrasonics are technique sensitive, practitioner has better tactile sensitivity.

-Reduces tissue trauma, less tooth structure removed.

-Whole mouth disinfection.

-Flushes toxins away from surrounding area of the tissue/tooth.

-Promotes healing.

-Future Positive appointments.

-Decreases bleeding.

-Decrease in periodontal pockets -faster healing.

For a more in depth FAQ, please visit my FAQ page.

Cathy B

Registered Dental Hygienist

My bond began with Candice more than twenty years ago in Dental Hygiene school.  She was my mentor from the graduation class above me.   It was then that her intense love for dental hygiene and her patients was evident to me.  


Candice’s work is over and above, followed by a passion that is beyond measure!  She has exceptional skills in the  physical job of dental hygiene.  More importantly, the passion and genuine quality of care that Candice provides is profound!  She proves this by pushing herself to continuously learn new science that she uses daily to help people connect the mouth to their overall systemic health.  She uses the most up to date technology and is always  tuned in to individual patient needs.   Candice only attends the most current continuing education classes which consist of a collaboration of medical and dental professionals who practice integrative health care.  When you leave your appointment you won’t  just  be ‘getting your teeth cleaned,’  you will have gotten BEST dental care available and you will leave KNOWING she took good care of you!  Furthermore, you will leave with a higher dental IQ than you came with and you will WANT to become healthier through your oral health!  


Having practiced dental hygiene for twenty years  and working with Candice in the same office for fifteen years, I HIGHLY recommend this professional for any of your dental hygiene needs.  She is the ONLY hygienist to clean my teeth since I  graduated hygiene school myself!  She is the only hygienist that I felt comfortable in leaving my own long time patients with as I retired.  Under her care I KNOW they will be cared for in the best way.   I will be looking forward to having my teeth by Candice for many more years to come myself!  


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