Candice Kusterle 

Inspiring Wellness through Dental Hygiene

My Services...

Oral Hygiene Instruction

One of my favorite parts of hygiene therapy care is helping you, the patient. I will educate you regarding the importance of your individual oral care, as well as how we can improve your overall health. We will work together to find simple solutions for your specific needs.

Oral Exams

Every time a person sits in my chair I...

Examine your teeth (restorations, and detection of decay and cavities), perform an Oral cancer screening and look for signs of TMJ (in your jaw), and check your periodontal status (your support of your surrounding foundation around the teeth)

A Registered Dental Hygienist (an RDH) that is licensed in the state of Colorado can perform and charge for oral exams.


Radiographs are an important addition to your oral care. They allow us to see things that are not visually aparent when just looking in the mouth during a routine cleaning. They allow us to see in between teeth, the rootsurfaces, and bone levels to help determine health. They can also help detect periodontal disease.

Intraoral photos

Actual photos are taken of the tooth area or the surrounding roots. Looking at the surrounding tissue areas is a way to monitor health or signs of disease. These photos are a great tool for having a base line to see monitor any changes.

Laser Therapy

Lasers: -Lasers help eliminate the bacteria that may be introduced into the blood stream. -Lasers help prevent cross contamination of infection. -Lasers increase blood circulation. -Laser helps with aphthous ulcers & herpetic lesions. This is the type of laser I use. It is made and licensed by Epic Hygeine. Here is their website:

Preventive Dental Therapy

This means having a healthy foundation. Your teeth, and any surrounding tissue, need to remain healthy. The evaluation of periodontal probe readings and use of x-rays are performed to analyze health or periodontal disease.

Periodontal Therapy

Therapy with the use of Laser helps support your foundation and stabilize any inflammation.

It is important to have a maintenance of 3 month care. Every 90 days, bacteria reintroduce themselves to the bottom of pockets. If pockets are deeper than 3mm, you can not achieve full reduction with regular floss or the use of water flossing. Along with brushing, the need for therapy from an RDH with the instruments and laser are needed to help reduce the infection and achieving an optimal level of stabilization.

For more information, visit:


This machine, along with the vibrations and cavitation with the use of

water to help flush out debris and toxins in pockets, are an important part of any hygiene therapy care.

Fluoride Treatments

Every age benefits from this treatment. Bacteria can cause breakdown about every 3-4 hours. The use of this treatment helps lower PH levels to more neutral state, and it helps to re-mineralize the tooth structure. This heightens resistance to decay.


A preventative coating that is placed on the chewing surface of the tooth intended to help prevent tooth decay, also known as cavities.

Teeth Whitening

Custom trays are made to fit your specific teeth and mouth. An impression is taken and then a tray is made. The turn around for delivery is approximately 2 weeks. Once you get the tray, you can begin the process. A whitening gel is placed inside the tray and the tray is worn for 30 + mins. for 5-7 consecutive days. Use can be as often as desired.

*This treatment will not change a restoration color (a filling or crown) if in the smile line*


Referrals to Dentist for treatment. If you do not have a Colorado Springs Dentist I can help refer you to a dentist best suited for your individual needs.

Oral DNA

Oral DNA is a test done in office. It is a simple saline solution swish that is sent off to a lab. The results come back within two weeks! Learning more about oral pathogens will provide more information about the oral systemic connections in your overall health. According to the Oral DNA website, "pathogens can be tested to determine if a patient is at increased risk for cardiovasular disease, diabetes, stroke, and other health complications." They do other forms of testing as well. Learn more at their website here:

Cathy Berenz

Registered Dental Hygienist

My bond began with Candice more than twenty years ago in Dental Hygiene school.  She was my mentor from the graduation class above me.   It was then that her intense love for dental hygiene and her patients was evident to me.  


Candice’s work is over and above, followed by a passion that is beyond measure!  She has exceptional skills in the  physical job of dental hygiene.  More importantly, the passion and genuine quality of care that Candice provides is profound!  She proves this by pushing herself to continuously learn new science that she uses daily to help people connect the mouth to their overall systemic health.  She uses the most up to date technology and is always  tuned in to individual patient needs.   Candice only attends the most current continuing education classes which consist of a collaboration of medical and dental professionals who practice integrative health care.  When you leave your appointment you won’t  just  be ‘getting your teeth cleaned,’  you will have gotten BEST dental care available and you will leave KNOWING she took good care of you!  Furthermore, you will leave with a higher dental IQ than you came with and you will WANT to become healthier through your oral health!  


Having practiced dental hygiene for twenty years  and working with Candice in the same office for fifteen years, I HIGHLY recommend this professional for any of your dental hygiene needs.  She is the ONLY hygienist to clean my teeth since I  graduated hygiene school myself!  She is the only hygienist that I felt comfortable in leaving my own long time patients with as I retired.  Under her care I KNOW they will be cared for in the best way.   I will be looking forward to having my teeth by Candice for many more years to come myself!