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The Buteyko Breathing Method

What is the Buteyko Breathing Method? What are the benefits? How can it help you? 

What is the Buteyko Breathing Method? 

As defined by Medical News Today, the Buteyko Breathing Method is "a type of breathing retraining that helps people who are experiencing asthma, allergies, and other respiratory problems. It was developed in the 1950s by physician Dr. Konstantin Buteyko as a way to help people with asthma breathe more easily." 

Want to learn more? 

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Benefits of The Buteyko Breathing Method: 

  • Helps with asthma, rhinitis, and more

  • Reduces snoring and sleep apnea

  • Helps to lessen the symptoms associated with hay fever

  • Reduces anxiety and worry, provides you with a tool to deal with stress

  • Encourages breathing through the nose instead of the mouth

Information about the Buteyko Breathing Method: 

  • The breathing method is named after a Russian Doctor named Dr. Konstantin Buteyko.

  • It consists of exercises in breathing re-education that aims to decongest the nose, switch to nose breathing, and help reset the breathing function and center in your brain to help establish more functional breathing patterns.

  • Encourages lifestyle changes to better your breathing, including your sleep, exercise, and diet.

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